My approach to working with my patients

This site has not been designed to provide an encyclopaedic description of every possible type of treatment available. Instead, it provides a concise overview of the procedures that I perform.

I listen to what you have to say during an initial consultation before providing you with more information on the types of treatment available. Together, we will then look for an appropriate, responsible and high-quality treatment that is most suited to you. At the same time, I take account of your wishes in terms of cost, work incapacity, scarring and the medical risks, while paying due attention to your psychological welfare. Given that this differs from person to person, I believe that a ‘bespoke’ service is the only appropriate and respectful way to treat my patients. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome at all times.

In this regard, perhaps a quote from Mark Knopfler (the singer-guitarist of Dire Straits) best summarises our aim: 'Perfection is not so interesting. The search for perfection is much more challenging...'